Ludmila Disa

Graphic designer


My name is Ludmila Disa, I'm a graphic designer graduated in 2016 from the great FADU University (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, from The University of Buenos Aires)(Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo) de la UBA, (Universidad de Buenos Aires).

DISA-GRAPH is my independant design studio, a workspace for freelance projects, where I personally take care of whole projects, or else I coordinate cross-disciplinary work teams to resolve more complex challenges.

The areas in which I work can be gathered in two big groups. First of all, branding development
(naming, corporate identity, logo, style guides, usage), accompanied by editorial design andart direction. And secondly, there's the digital world (websites, apps, UX design, UI design, interaction design).

My nature is proactive and I love to work in teams. Even if I get along really well working by myself, I believe that synergy is vital, and I love the work that is born from many minds.
Apart from that, the interest in art has lead me to photography and my other big passion: music. I studied lyrical singin at a classical institute, Conservatorio Manuel de Falla; I also teach, and sing in my band Dæmon Lost.


My main habilities and tools




I believe that all design processes must start with a research, where the problems that must be solved can be identified. This is the starting point to create a concept that will be the solid ground for the final work. Graphic design is communication, and we must find a particular point of view to speak from.



Starting with drafts and prototypes, posible visual directions are proposed. In a dynamic feedback with the client, decisions are made and the design grows into its final form. Trademarks, editions, digital pieces, websites and apps, the formats are multiple but the process is singular.



The project is implemented in its particular medium, whether it's print or digital. The possibilities are vast, and we work to ensure consistency through all the brand's comunication devices. The value that design adds pays off instantly, in an Era that has become entirely visual.

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